Manor Hotel - Gashpar
Hotel Manor: the only one of its kind in Slovakia. Our task was to express elements of both secession and circular economy in a single logo.
Manor Hotel

In the logo (the basic means of communication) of the Manor Hotel it was important to capture not only the Art Deco and Art Nouveau elements that decorate its premises, but also the fact that the hotel is part of a complex project focused on the cultivation and processing of agricultural crops with a strict adherence to the principles of our ecological approach and the circular economy. The design manual we created defines in detail the standards for logotype, fonts, colours, typography and other elements of corporate design. Graphic design in Gashpar is the true translation of communication with the target group into a visual language. Only a graphic designer who can understand and visually address the consumer can create the precise emotional setting in which the customer first meets your product.

The website we created for the Manor Hotel was meticulously designed down to the smallest detail, including the creation of icons for individual sections of the website in the spirit of Art-deco.

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