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One of the world’s top designs. Ethical marketing, communication from the heart, typically Gashpar

Design & Branding

Graphic design is our strong point. We create value from the biggest things like logo creation and branding, packaging design to the smallest things like flyers and POS materials.

Photography, film and video

To engage your customer, photography is the alpha and omega - on the web, in the media or in the real world sales environment. Product, architectural and portrait photography along with commercials and promotional films from us will bring your brand to the attention of your ideal customers.

Website building

We create modern web solutions optimized for your needs. We place emphasis on functionality and responsive design so that you always leave the best impression on your customer.

Marketing and consulting

We will develop a marketing and business strategy to make sure your investments are effective and their potential maximized. We will analyse the market along with the behaviour of your customers, develop a strategic marketing plan and then select and establish clear channels of communication. We bring our marketing expertise to work for you.


some of our projects