Dance Studio Theatre - campaign - Gashpar
In the online campaign for our favourite client - Studio Dance Theatre from Banská Bystrica, we decided to achieve several goals with just this one campaign.
On-line campaign for Dance Studio Theatre

The main goal is to attract audience to their social media Of course, we were aiming at the target groups we had determined before creating an ad - this seems as an obvious step, but it is so common to forget the targeting before creative process begins.

The budget was pretty tight, so we needed to maximize the efficiency. We did this with proper campaign creative, and with strategic targeting while setting up the campaign.

Another aim was to communicate the opinion of Dance Studio Theatre on events related to culture in Slovakia in 2024. Things were getting tough, and it was necessary to talk about upcoming changes, restrictions, re-disadvantaging minority groups in Slovakia. Dance Studio Theatre, as well as us understands, that it was crucial not to stay silent those days.

At the end of this campaign we expected to achieve the last goal - to increase the attention for this theatre from their audience.

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We have achieved all of the goals, and, moreover, more people started to attend performances of Dance Studio Theatre, which was our last, but secret goal – we really didn’t expect this with such a small budget.