Sulinka - mineral water - Gashpar
We were at the birth of the first water list in Slovakia. Photos and graphics from our workshop gave it the grandeur of Empress Sisi, who was one of Sulinka's fans.
Sulinka - Water list. (Similar to a wine list.)

The exceptional properties of Sulinka mineral water have caused a gastronomic revolution: it has confidently taken the position of the hitherto traditional alcoholic aperitif and digestif. It has become a popular non-alcoholic accompaniment and an innovative part of the tasting menu. This logically led to the requirement to create a water list presenting not only Sulinka alkaline acid, but also Miss+ magnesium-silicate water and Tatra Quelle natural spring water. The water list graphic with our photos masterfully visualises the refreshing taste and crystal clarity of mineral waters and literally evokes the feeling of thirst.

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